The goals and objectives of Womenade of Elkhorn are:

1.  To promote a closer relationship between the Elkhorn Public Schools district and the Elkhorn community.

2.  To encourage the community to help families in need in their school district.

3.  To raise funds and distribute them in a way that benefits families in need in the Elkhorn community due to, but not limited to, medical and financial need.

4.  To be a productive part of the community and serve in such a capacity as to promote community and school involvement.


Events may include:

Host community events to raise funds.

Operate an annual Backpack Project to include all less fortunate elementary, middle and high school children within the Elkhorn Public Schools district.

Collect and distribute books to ensure continued summer reading through our annual Busy Bee Reading Club.

Host a biennial Clothing/Coat Drive.

Facilitate the annual Celebration of Giving project for the Elkhorn Public Schools district.