Womenade of Elkhorn is a group of Elkhorn parents addressing the general and immediate needs of other less fortunate families within Elkhorn.  Our first priority is families with children in the Elkhorn School District.

In 2004 two Elkhorn elementary school principals (Don Pechous and Patricia Lotspeich) began to discuss ways to help the families in Elkhorn who were desperately in need of help but unable to ask for help or access resources.

These principals reached out to parents who they thought would be willing to help find/fund any needs that may arise for these families. Using the national and local Womenade group as a guide, the initial Womenade of Elkhorn board of 8 women was born.

The first established Womenade of Elkhorn project was the Celebration of Giving project, modeled after the many “angel” tree projects you see around the Omaha area during the holidays. Soon after, the Backpack project began when it became apparent that the holidays were not the only time of year that families struggled.

Womenade of Elkhorn efforts include: Backpack Project, Celebration of Giving Project, annual Busy Bee Reading Club book giveaway, semi-annual Clothing Drives and Immediate/Emergency Needs requests,

Womenade of Elkhorn is a work in progress. As the needs of the community change, so will our mission. Womenade of Elkhorn is meant to change and evolve as the women who serve on the Board and in the Guild find new and better ways to serve the needs of families and children in our community.

Womenade of Elkhorn is the “Pay It Forward” concept in its purist form. It is not unusual for a family Womenade of Elkhorn has helped get back on their feet to turn around and help us help someone else at a later time.

Womenade of Elkhorn works quietly and respectfully so no family feels embarrassed or humiliated for needing our services. As a member of the Board/Guild we expect full confidentiality.