Hello Beverley, please send the mobile phone number you have registered with Zapper to zpt@zapper.com. We haven`t received anything similar from other iPhone XS users, so we want to investigate further and get you to start making payments again. Thank you, Zapper. Zapper is a mobile app that enables payments and e-commerce quickly, easily and securely. Large and small businesses have created zappers to simplify the checkout process. Paying with Zapper in restaurants and at events is faster and easier. But in addition to being a forward-looking payment, Zapper mainly helps increase profits by charging lower fees for payment services, ways to sell more without setting more hours and, finally, highly targeted and creative advertising opportunities. Further information: www.zapper.com Editorial information: Influx PR, Jakob Brons, Tel: 055 366 30 34, E-Mail: zapper@influx-pr.com Zapper makes fast, easy and secure payments. Join us on our journey and join us in a new way to experience easier and safer payments, whether you`re paying at a restaurant, shopping online, paying for a taxi, paying your bills, or donating. Find amazing deals at your favorite restaurants and retail stores that you can enjoy with just a few clicks and share with friends and family. Automatically join the merchant tribes and enjoy incredible benefits for insiders. Splitting the bill for your table has never been easier and easier. We also keep a history of your payments and receipts that you can view and share.

The Zapper app is developed and supported by leading technologists with extensive experience in mobile technology, payment processing, and risk and fraud prevention. We are constantly improving our product offering and expanding our features and functionality to ensure that you always have the best and most rewarding mobile payment experience. With Zapper, you get:• Fast, easy, and secure payments• Join merchant tribes and enjoy incredible insider benefits• Get and enter free coupons• Earn loyalty points• Easily split invoices between friends and family• Discover nearby merchants• Receive in-app messages and promotions• Enjoy security with securely encrypted card details Get payment notifications Detailed in Real-time, create and view your ZapCode or share your ZapLink so customers can pay with Zapper. FREE for all retailers on tablet or smartphone. When shopping, Masterpass users simply scan a ZAPPER QR code displayed at a point of sale or online at various zapper merchants to pay for goods and services. Once a QR code has been scanned, the payment amount is entered and confirmed by entering and confirming the cardholder`s PIN or a unique PIN on their mobile phone. Any transaction processed through Masterpass is authorized by the cardholder to ensure that customers are always in control and have a high level of security for the transaction. CashOrCard offers merchants a complete omnichannel retail and hospitality solution designed to grow their business. The point-of-sale (POS) app and online merchant dashboard enable merchants to transact, manage inventory, manage customer loyalty, and compile real-time insights and analytics.