FULL INTEGRATION. This Transaction Agreement supersedes all prior agreements, understandings or negotiations, whether written or oral. PandaTip: in other words, if necessary, the Parties will take additional measures to ensure that the debt will be repaid as long as the terms of this Agreement are met. In some cases, either party may argue that the other party is liable for injury or damage. In this case, they can sign a mutual release agreement. If a party is more blamed, they can offer additional compensation. Only the paragraphs concerning spousal and child support in this Agreement may be amended if the current financial situation of the Parties changes significantly, whether or not such a change is foreseeable. Without limiting the general quality of the foregoing, a substantial change in the income of the wife or husband, the needs of the children, the loss of employment by one of the parties, a change in the state of health of the parties, the retirement of one of the parties or any other foreseeable or unforeseeable circumstance that would significantly alter the existing or future financial situation of the parties; form the basis of an amendment. The Parties expressly agree that the remarriage or cohabitation of the wife or husband may constitute grounds for requesting amendments to the supporting provisions of this Agreement, notwithstanding whether or not remarriage or cohabitation was foreseeable.

The Parties also agree that child support shall be terminated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The parties acknowledge that at that time, the wife may apply for a change in the spousal support, whereas the cessation of the child`s maintenance was a foreseeable event. 28. MATRIMONIAL DOMICILE (1) Husband and wife shall retain and retain in the joint rental agreement the conjugal dwelling known as_______________ (address of the dwelling) which is a matrimonial dwelling within the meaning of the Family Law Act. 2. The wife shall have exclusive possession of the matrimonial domicile until one of the following conditions occurs: (i) the wife wishes to sell the matrimonial home; (ii) the wife marries or marries another man; (iii) the wife ceases to reside in the matrimonial home; (iiii) the wife is deliberately in arrears in paying the mortgage; on this date, the marital home is put up for sale. (3) Until the sale of the matrimonial home: (i) the wife shall pay all insurance premiums, mortgage payments, taxes and other expenses related to marital housing and release the husband from all liability related to matrimonial housing; (ii) the husband and wife pay equally the cost of all reparations in the case of [z.B $250.00], provided that the wife does not make such reparations without obtaining the consent of the husband, whose consent is not inappropriately withheld; (iii) if the husband does not pay his share of the reparations, he shall be presumed to be in breach of this agreement and damages for such an offence shall be fixed at half the costs of reparation; (iv) the husband will participate in the refinancing of any mortgage due during the period of exclusive possession of the wife. .

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