The government has appointed employees of a water management company as key workers during the COVID 19 pandemic, as they perform essential work for the maintenance and repair of water and sanitation systems. Yorkshire Water has been awarded a robust contract to manage the service provider with clarity and clarity on the requirements and standards to be achieved and has been associated with a credible and market-leading FM company (CBRE) with a 5-year service contract worth $2.4 million per year under the TFM banner. UNITED Kingdom-Bradford: Water distribution and related services YWS seeks to create a market for innovative solutions for repair and maintenance in a clean water system. Solutions should be able to achieve transformative results to end repair and maintenance processes using unconventional techniques. The marketplace will use mini-contests to purchase these solutions. Only those who have been admitted to Lot 5 have the right to participate in these mini-contests. Solutions must be reconciled to the level of technological readiness 8 or 9 (TRL) (i.e. demonstrated in an operational environment). Credible solutions that are close to market and have a credible plan to do so within 12 to 24 months (i.e., TRLs 6 and 7) can be considered. The range of mini-competitions includes solutions in the following areas (but is not limited to: improved excavation, such as the use of keyhole/no-dig techniques, the use of long-distance tools, suction excavation, the use of sustainable aggregates, etc.; – Avoid searches – such as repair, repair and renewal of communication/feeding pipes, self-repairing materials, 3D printing, detection and repair of robot/internal drones; – other potential areas of interest (particularly when available as part of an integrated innovation solution for R and amp; D); Leak forecasting, detection and triage (including hardware and software and potential service aspects); Assessing the state of the technology and maintaining the network. For reasons of clarity, solutions that are akin to a commercial improvement compared to traditional techniques are broken. These include (but not limited) the use of automated planning and planning solutions, the use of low-carbon vehicles, consumables, parts and materials.

Note: Offers must provide the necessary manpower or support staff or be able to provide the necessary training to resource providers in the field. The expected number of suppliers in Lot 5 is a maximum of 50, 200. The duration is 3 – 3 – 2 years. Yorkshire Water Services intends to invite expressions of interest in a future tender to carry out planned/reactive repair and maintenance and maintenance of its clean water system. At this point, it is expected that there will be 5 lots. Lot 1: emergency reactive work (2 to 48 hours priority); Lot 2: reactive work project (48 hours to 84 priority days); Lot 3: Development services work; Lot 4: dosage; Lot 5: Clean R-M Innovation Marketplace – YWS wants to create a market for innovative solutions for the repair and maintenance of the pure water system. Water charges are known to be one of the most socially and politically sensitive payments. As with many distribution companies at the time, Yorkshire Water`s collection strategies did not have to go beyond the “One size fits all” approach of invoice recall, final announcement and assignment. Lot 5: Clean R-M Innovation Marketplace – YWS wants to create a market for innovative solutions for the repair and maintenance of the pure water system. Yorkshire Water also said they wanted to avoid placing an additional burden on the taxpayer-funded system to ensure that customers do not end up paying “twice” for their water and sanitation services.