What happens when the client starts adding a number of work in the middle of the project that greatly increases the scope? You have to be clear. Are your video-printing contracts null and void? Are costs rising? How do you determine these costs? This last comment on raw materials is worth specifically addressing. I often see the issue of raw material appear on Facebook groups. This is an area where video producers can take a lesson from the professional photo industry. When a company hires a professional commercial photographer for a concert, they are LICENSING these photos. A solid commercial photography contract can therefore determine exactly what this company can do with it. In many cases, the customer pays extra if they want to have full rights to digital or negative files. Do not start your work until after the contract has been signed; do not start production until after the contract has been signed. If you`re just doing post-work, say you only work another`s work, then you definitely have to have a deposit at the beginning of the work, but if you`re doing the work from pre-production to post-production, then you have to make half of that payment on the first day of shooting. And you agree with that in the contract, and the balance must be transferred at any time after. Before you get into the details, you must first determine between who the contract exists and the nature of the relationship. A professional and legally binding video production contract also gives your customers the confidence they are dealing with an industry expert. Here is a standard video production agreement that you can use to protect your interests.

You can specify the payment terms of the planned delivery positions and indicate the license fees in order to monetize Videoassets in the Nimia market place at the end of the project. Apart from that, I always felt that the agreement was a better term than the contract. The agreement lays the foundation for a healthier relationship with those you work with. Put everything in writing in the video you want and/or your client. Spell everything from the aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3?) to the resolution, which services you belong to and not. There are more ideas to spell for your client here. If you`ve never used SignNow, from 2017 it will be several dollars a month (you can try Hellosign if you start) if you`re serious about its video production. Time and grief it will save you with contracts, signatures and people listening for these CudaSign signatures, he, SignNow invaluable (I was grandfather in by CudaSign). A note from Nimia Legal — “Approval of the essential terms of a video production project is always good practice.

It is even better to do this in writing through a video production contract. A written contract will help you get paid on time and allow them to bend the legal muscles if things go wrong. After going down, I realized that my job was really to teach people how to finance their film (especially in the pre-production phase) and then to commercialize their film (at every stage). It was the eleventh hour. We had already made all arrangements for the rest of the project, including pre-production, strategy, equipment loan and booking team. We`re screwed. Every time a large client gives you their contract, have your lawyer checked. We have been awarded contracts that stipulate that a project must be delivered on the 3/4″ videotape – the state-of-the-art video format of the 1970s. Of course, most video printing contracts will have clauses regarding delivery items, payment schedules and payments.