Harvard`s business services have been praised for good customer service with positive reviews. Harvard Business Services clients appreciate the quality and speed of their training services. At first glance, it`s a hard-to-name category: ZenBusiness offers business services at Harvard for their package prices, but Harvard`s registered agent service costs half of what ZenBiiness charges. But to germinate it, most services charge 100-125 $US for this service, so ZenBusiness always has a competitive price. Of course, if you create a business outside of Delaware, they are not for you. Apart from that, there are still a few companies that offer LLC training services in Delaware at lower prices than Harvard Business Services. What it contains: Everything in the green package, as well as a printed copy of your founding documents and a CD-ROM with standard operating contracts, statutes, tax forms, banking and much more. Like most other LLC training services, Harvard Business Services offers multiple levels of service: Green, Basic and Standard. None of the LLC packages offered by Harvard Corporate Services contain federal tax ID (EIN) applications that businesses need to hire or pay taxes. You may need to provide the app yourself if you want to get an EIN while you form your LLC business.

Harvard Business Services seems to prioritize customer service, which probably explains why they have been in business for so long. They offer excellent customer service for their customers, including customer service for the entire life of your business, customer service in Spanish and a Spanish version of their website. They also allow you to purchase the registered agent service even after the end of the first year of operation you buy – for only $50 more per year. In our opinion, ZenBusiness and Harvard Business Services have good customer service, but we have a strong preference for Harvard business services. Here is a summary of our thinking about customer service for both services: we helped several national and international clients who used services such as Stripe Atlas, Clerky or Harvard Business Services to move to Delaware Corporation. These clients often seek assistance from Silverlegal to meet their requirements after the creation, issuance of shares, modification of their share structure, the addition of fishing investors, the implementation of vesting schedules, the addition of consultants, compliance with Delaware formalities and the establishment of previous agreements. We`ll be happy to help. Who It`s Right For: Any entrepreneur who wants to create an LLC in Delaware, with everything you need to ensure ongoing compliance, should be interested in this package.

This package contains the entire Basic package as well as the LLC kit and seal that you can use for your business.